Artisan • Carver • Sculptor

At home in Hawaii, Aweepano’s work is a reflection of her deep connection to the earth and tribal people.  Her work honors its source whether it is wood from the great redwoods, whale or walrus ivory, the precious healing greenstone (pounamu), or her unique beadwork.

In New Zealand, Aweepano was featured artist at the heartbeat gathering where her piece ‘NO, A Womans Scream’ Represented their theme for the Earths Cry Against Abuse and ‘Mating of the earth and sky’ for her balance.

‘NO, A Womans Scream’

Shown in galleries throughout the southwest, including The Frank Howell Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and The Contemporary Southwest gallery in La Jolla, California.

Aweepano and her hanai father,
Semu Huaute of the Chumash nation.